A Small Fish In A Big Ocean!

Day 38 on my Journey of becoming a C# Programmer and Unity Developer:

Instead of my normal 8–12 hour work-until-my-brain-hurts kind of day, I jumped around in my coursework, polishing up on my skills at the things I really didn’t know, but somehow managed to pass lol. I also did research on opportunities I can get into after my training finishes next Monday on 12/28/2020, and I networked with people who will be possibly able to help me grow in years to come. The founder of GameDevHQ, Jonathan Weinberger opened up his resources and network to all of us. He’s really been looking out for us and wants us all to succeed in these volatile times. Wether it’s with Gaming Software Engineering or not. He’s an awesome leader and Hawaiʻi should continue to place him, and others like him at the head of training our state’s aging and stagnant workforce in skills that can be mightily useful in our new world. Remember, Moore’s Law is a real thing and without people like Jonathan, those who get too comfortable in an ever-changing environment will become obsolete at some point. I don’t want that to happen to me. And that’s why I’m here training like heck to understand all I can, before the end of my training. Imagine this.. I didn’t have ANY experience of any of this before this program. And today I can do so much with my newfound skills and tools.

Here’s a fun fact. Do you know what’s bigger than than the Film and Sports Industry combined!?


Yup, Videogames. I use to have the stigma that everyone playing video games were lazy and just trying to escape real-life. That’s absolutely NOT TRUE anymore. Playing video games is an actual job and certain people’s livelihood today depends solely on that. I would’ve laughed at you if you told me that just 10 years ago.

After the recent release of new next-gen game consoles from PlayStation and Xbox, the opportunities have shown to be consistent in the gaming space and it also shows that the industry’s growth overall will likely continue. Also, Unity’s stock has been on a continual rise! The company just IPO’d this year and their share price has grown over 100% from $75 per share to currently $168 per share!

Yoel Minkoff from the Sony Corporation wrote recently, “With the rise of streaming game services, mobile gaming and cross-platform games, titles aren’t limited to a specific console, while digital sales and in-app purchases are padding companies’ bottom line. Hours of gameplay has also increased to an average of 14 hours a week since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March, compared with an average of 12 hours a week from a year ago.”

That’s a BIG picture for me.

That’s why I’m here. Training like heck. To learn all I can so I can have a fighting chance to gain a nice share of this industry. And be able to provide for my ‘Ohana with these skills.

Till my next post, Take Care and Aloha Forward,


Overcome the How Comes, and Out Comes the Income.