Day 16 of my Journey on becoming a Unity Game Developer:

Coding isn’t for everyone and Game Development is much more fun when playing a Game than Developing it for most folks.. that is, unless you love problem solving which is what I’ve done for most of my life. Breaking down the Macro picture of the problem you are attempting to solve into the Micro pieces is a problem to solve in itself. In programming, you do that one byte at a time.. lol, you see what I did there.

Imagine creating things in a world where nothing exists because nothing is defined. Everything needs to have a clear definition of what it is in order to exist and that means, it needs a clear definition of every instance of its existence. The language that speaks these ‘Objects’ into existence and directs its behavior is C# and this marvelous world is called Unity. Welcome to the world of Gaming Software Developers.

I started the day by asking my team lead, Austin Mackrell for help after our morning standup meeting. He’s the best! Always willing to help and share his experience with others who are far less experienced like myself. The founder of GameDevHQ, Jonathan Weinberger reminds us weekly, “You aren’t going to wake up with 11 years of coding experience.”

Ain’t that the truth.

I was able to complete my shield buildout with Austin’s help. My biggest obstacle was the path that was supposed to enable my shield. Thanks to Austin, we were able to figure that out. Coding is sort of like a map. You have to know every step of the way. Sure, you can get lost, but more than getting lost.. Your world breaks. And you end up in a noodle. Heading down a rabbit hole and that rabbit hole can go on forever and ever. With a good team, that rabbit hole turns into more of a smaller abrupt pothole that you can get over quite easy.

After my shields were operating well, I began sprucing them up so they would look and function like awesome shields protecting my 2D Space Shooter. They transform in colors and I took a break from smoothly transitioning them from color to color with every hit from the enemy or the enemy’s weapon, and began working on the next part of my Framework which is an Ammo Counter. Time speeds by so quickly when you’re deep in code. I was only able to create the UI (User Interface) and some of its functionality before our afternoon team meeting started. It was a “show & tell” so I was able to show what I’ve been working on creating these last 16 days. After our meeting, I went hard into finishing what I could on my Ammo Counter buildout and then we had our Aloha Friday Workshop with Jonathan Weinberger. It was an informative meeting and my Ammo Counter functionality questions were answered, luckily by default, so I was pretty stoked about that.

I’m about to implement what I learned in the meeting and I’m happy that Jon has recorded the Zoom session because my notes are missing pieces. I can’t wait to unveil my Framework with my new additions to all on Monday.

Take care and Aloha Forward,


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